top Marshalls | pants Aritzia | jacket Danier Leather | sandals Calvin Klein | bag Zara | watch Michael Kors

on a leather note - don't wear leather when the forecast is caling for rain. that's right, jacket, pants, bag, the whole shebang got a nice washing on my walk home from the office the evening. at the end of the day, there is no good reason not to wear leather. i just need to invest in a leather umbrella, that's all...


my altuzarra x target haul

yes, please. if you weren't up at 6:30 this morning then i not only envy you, but i pity you, because if you weren't in line before the doors opened there was no way you were getting your hands on the Target x Altuzarra collaboration. & yes i did wake up at 6:30, and yes it was painful, but let me tell you, it was totally worth it. i got there an hour before doors opened and waited paitently with 50 other girls and their supportive boyfriends.

i absolutely had to get these black booties, which are going to be a staple in my fall wardrobe along with the long-sleeve top which is the perfect combo of sporty & chic. the dress i will likely be saving for spring, because guuuuurl it is cold outside. & on that note, hello faux fur jacket! i don't know how, and i don't know when - but be prepared to see it in the coming weeks on the blog!

for the whole collection be sure to check out Target.com.



blouse Zara | skirt Forever 21 | shoes Shelleys | bag Zara | socks Ardene | bracelet Le Chateau

sock story. i'm really loving the knee high sock look. you know what i'm talking about, the look that you see in every window of every Americal Apparel every 5 blocks. so be prepared to see a lot of if over the course of the next little while. and when i say next little while i mean another 7-8 months, this is Canada, people, we've only just begun.



top Jacob | pants H&M | shoes Shelleys | bomber Aritzia | bag Kate Spade | hat Aritzia | watch Gucci

this hat. it makes me feel like the trendy gangster that i am. but in all seriousness, i'm rather happy that the baseball cap has become somewhat of a staple in every trendy girl's closet (speaking for myself, of course). but at the end of the day the the real source of this happiness stems from the fact that when i wear my hat you can't tell that i haven't brushed my hair in weeks. i'm a class act, okay?



top Marshalls | denim Seven7 | flats Madden Girl | bag Betsey Johnson | headband Sears | watch Gucci | bracelet & rings Tiffany & Co., H&M, Ardene, assrtd.

are you there, fall? it's me, mon. the days of black on black on black are upon us, so before packing away my tank tops, short shorts and sandals i thought i would try to infuse some colour into my life one last time - and by colour i mean white and pale blue. i really tried, but when it comes down to it my wardrobe is as black as my soul. (come to me, fall).



top H&M | shorts Dynamite | sandals Gap | turban Sears | bag Zara | watch Marc Jacobs | sunglasses Sears | bracelet Tiffany & Co. | rings H&M, Ardene, assrtd.

starbucks with a straw. i never understood why i would see women walking around drinking their hot Starbucks drinks with a straw. i mean, there is a perfectly good lid with a hole made specifically for you to enjoy your extra-hot, extra foam, skim milk chai latte. & then it dawned on me, straw drinking = flawless lipstick. this is why we do it, right? am i missing something here?



top Aritzia | leggings Aritzia | shoes Sam Edelman | bag H&M | watch Michael Jacobs | jewellery Ardene, H&M, assrtd.

so about those crutches... they hurt just about as bad as my over-the-top allusions of the firey pits of hell illustrated. so today i opted for the tensor bandage, which, if i pretend, blends perfectly enough up into my skin to make me look like the only reason i have an extreme limp is my obvious affiliation to compton.